Current events 8: OneFeat, a fun and motivational photo sharing site!

I just found out about , a social photo sharing page, which I think could be a great way to motivate kids doing a photography unit.

On OneFeat, users suggest various missions to complete by taking and sharing thematic photographs. Some examples of themes are “Snap street art that really rocks“, “Eat something local“, and “Get to the end of the world“. The missions leave a lot to interpretation, and are a fun way to think about the world around us, as well as the best way to share it through photography.

Basically, users post their photos, and others can “like” them. One earns points according to the number of people who “like” his posted photo. As one collects points, he moves through levels and unlocks prizes.

Here are the basics, as explained on the Web site:


  1. Choose the mission
    Select a mission from the thousands available or create one you want the whole world to achieve.
  2. Do the Feat
    Take the greatest photo ever to complete the mission.
  3. Share the greatness
    The more people like your feat, the more points you earn! Compete with the world, build your own destiny and get to the next level.

I think students will get a kick out of using this site!


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