Current events 4: Blackberry “outage” of 2011

When my husband travels for business, he usually calls every few days, but he BBM’s me daily, sometimes several times a day. So, imagine my concern when I hadn’t heard from him for 2 days while he was away in Germany last week.

Finally, I received an email explaining that Blackberry service was down, and his Torch had now become nothing more than, in his words, “a large clock”.

The next day, news had spread of the “crisis” in Europe, and the problem quickly hopped the pond to North America.

It occurs to me that we are now so dependent on tools that, not too many years ago, did not even exist, that we consider it catastrophic when they fail. I know Darren felt somewhat lost without his professional lifeline, and the 300+ emails that awaited him when he returned home were less than appreciated. I heard stories of those who missed job opportunities and important information, all due to the lack of connectivity.

Maybe the fact that we have become so comfortable with this type of technology, assuming that it will always work seamlessly, is the very reason for the “crisis” that ensues when it does not.

To add insult to injury for RIM, Apple was due to come out with its latest toy, the iPhone 4s the following weekend. I imagine many former BB devotees were camping out at Apple stores all over the world.

For more on the Blackberry problem, check out this NEWS STORY and the following video:


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